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Our mission is to sponsor the best soirees in Indy at some of the city’s most unique and exclusive venues. Ambience takes your party to places, you've never been before!


The Organization now known as Ambience promoted their first event on April 27, 2002, at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Indianapolis, IN. At the time their goal was to promote quality steppin parties. Victor James, Steve Perry, and Thomas Griffin were the original promoters.

In 2003 Victor James and Thomas Griffin added Debra Day to their party promoting organization. These three individuals came together and created the name “Ambience.” On May 10, 2003, the first official Ambience party took place at the Marriott (east) in Indianapolis.

In 2004 Victor James chose to move on and create his own steppin organization. That year Ambience became a mainstream party organization with less emphasis on steppin and featured members Thomas Griffin, Debra Day, Victor Day, and Carol Clark.

In 2007 Debra Day, Victor Day, and Carol Clark chose to move on to create the Day Ja’ Vu Steppers. Ambience chose this time to regroup, retool, and reorganize. Now Ambience is stronger than ever. Supported by the Ambience circle of friends and our new website. We will continue to promote quality adult parties, the unity picnic, and at least one Pure Steppin Party a year.

Thank you for supporting...  Ambience


Indianapolis is known as the Circle City, Ambience recognizes that a strong organization should be surrounded like a circle with positive aid, constructive critisim and consistant assistance. Hence the "AMBIENCE CIRCLE OF FRIENDS", pictured below. The friends who make Ambience "soxxcess-ful".........  smile

In 2007, to help promote ambience events and get the word out, in 2007 the circle of friends was formed. It consisted of the ticket sellers, designers, photograpers and workers that helped make ambience a popular city wide organization!

In 2008, Though some members have joined other groups and organizations the core circle of friends still works together to ensure 3 to 4 quality adult dances every year in the indpls area!

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